These kids met at 3-months-old, but wait til you see them 18 years later…

For many high-school students spring can mean two things prom and graduation. Which in turn has them worried about their outfits, arrangements, and of course, who they’ll be attending the events with. One of the most important events to some is Prom. It’s a time to enjoy the night away with all of your friends, and even your significant other!

Now days it seems as if you can’t just ask some one to prom you have to make it a big deal known as “Promposals.” These hopeful boys or girls plan elaborate ways in which they will ask that one special someone to the prom. For the one high school senior in the video below he decided to do a little song.

Some background information Eli Kerr met Megan Schiedler met at just three-months-old, and they grew up together. They have a very special friendship, despite some obstacles. They both have Down Syndrome, but they love one another very much! So when Eli wanted to ask Megan to the prom, and he knew exactly how, by a rendition of his favorite song, “My Girl!”

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