Son Ends Up Having Legs Amputated Hours After Complaining Of Leg Pain (Photos)

While in IKEA Shopping their 3-year-old son Romeo Hadley began complaining that his legs “wouldn’t work.” Just three days later they had to have them amputated.

Romeo’s mother, Katie Hadley, says she looked at her son’s legs and noticed purple bruising when he started to complain.
So Katie rushed Romeo to the hospital, thinking the bruising may have been caused by meningitis or some weird reaction, but she learned from the doctor it was something else entirely.

Romeo had come down with a rare illness called Purpura Fulminans, a thrombotic disorder which causes small blood vessels to clot in the skin.

They immediately placed him in intensive care and doctors told his parents that he had a serious battle ahead of him.

“It was heartbreaking,” Katie said. “We just kept vigil by his bedside praying that he would pull through.”

Two days after initail visit, the Doctors were forced to amputate Romeo’s legs just above the knees.

Even in the face of all the extreme circumstances, doctors say Romeo is lucky to be alive. Pupura Fulminans can often be fatal.

Romeo is staying positive, as well. He told his mom, “At least I won’t have to have my toenails cut now.” It is even reported that he will sometimes even request socks from his father, then say that he’s teasing.
“When Romeo was lucid, after being sedated for two weeks, I told Romeo that his legs were poorly [made] and a doctor had taken the bad bits away,” Katie told reporters . “At first he went quiet and couldn’t look at his legs, but within hours he was talking and playing.”

After a very long journey, almost six months in the hospital and several operations, Romeo is finally recovering at home with his parents and siblings.
“He’s been such a brave little trooper throughout this,” his mother said. “He’s never without a smile and he’s got such a cheeky sense of humor despite what he’s been through.”