She Notices Homeless Man Holding Up Sign In Walmart Lot, Freezes When She Sees What It Says (Photo)

Wilma Price of Houston, Texas, saw man holding a cardboard sign near the local Wal-Mart parking lot that made her stop in her tracks. She says she has seen number of homeless people soliciting for money in this area bu nothing like this sign.
The sign indicated that his dog was in the pound and he needed assistance getting it out.

“I’ve seen every sign in the world except that one,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“I tried to pull to the side and of course everybody’s pissed off because I’m blocking them and I asked him what his deal was.”

The man told her he needed $120 to get his dog out, but Price only had $8 to her name. She gave him her card and told him she’d see what she could do.

To verified his story Price called the pound.

She asked him why so much, and the pound said $35 was for impoundment fee, then they gave it rabies shots, a heartworm test and a flea prevention.

So Price asked a friend to chip in and help pay, her friend advised going back to the homeless man and finding out his story. So Price did, and she learned the 30-year-old homeless man’s name is Patrick and that he was sent to jail for trespassing.

Authorities impounded his dog, Fred Frederick, while he was in custody for two days.

Soon after getting to know the man, Price went back to the pound with Patrick and the two got his dog back.

The dog was “shaking when he came out of the pound” because he was so anxious to see his owner. Patrick’s eyes teared up as he was reunited with Fred Frederick.
He was so grateful for what this woman had done for him and his dog that he offered to give her all the money he had collected.

“I wouldn’t accept it because maybe he can have some dinner tonight,” she says. Price says she wishes she had enough money to get Patrick a room for a week.

Afterward, Price took Patrick and his dog back to Wal-Mart.

Price writes, “Sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what’s right in your heart.”